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About Ed

Ed Gross And Superman

Ed Gross is a veteran entertainment journalist (does that just mean old?), who began his professional career in the mid-1980s, writing articles on film, television and comic books for such publications as Starlog (where he would become New York Correspondent), New York Nightlife, Daredevils, Comics Scene, and Fangoria. He would go on to be Editor-in-Chief of the magazines Not of This Earth and RetroVision, as well as Senior Editor of Cinescape, Femme Fatales and Cinefantastique. Other positions have included Executive Editor of Life Story, Movie Magic, Film Fantasy, TV Magic and Superhero Spectacular, all from Bauer Publishing; Executive Editor, US for, Film/TV Editor for,, and; and is currently Contributing Editor to and Senior Editor of Geek magazine.

Over the years he has written or co-written numerous non-fiction books, many of which can be found here on this site.