Voices from Krypton: The Unofficial, Unauthorized Oral History of Superman

by Ed Gross

Publisher: Nacelle Books

Publication Date: June 6, 2023

“The definitive book on Superman.”

                                                     — Mark Waid, author Superman: Birthright, Kingdom Come

Hailed as possibly the most comprehensive oral history of Superman to be committed to print, Voices from Krypton combines over 85 years of Superman’s legacy into a sweeping tale of how the champion of the oppressed became one of the world’s most recognizable pop culture icons. 

Not only does this epic collection include interviews with Superman favorites like Henry Cavill, Tom Welling, and Zack Snyder, Voices from krypton also dives into the Tim Burton directed Nicholas Cage movie that never happened. You might think you know Superman, but you haven’t yet read Voices From Krypton.

Written by Edward Gross

Foreword by Brandon Routh

Afterword by Mark Waid

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