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‘Wiseguy Declassified’ Book on the Classic Series in the Works

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Back in 1990, following its second season, I wrote a book titled Secret: File: The Unofficial Making of a Wiseguy, published by a nightmare company called Pioneer Books (which I’ll have to discuss in a future post). The book was an episode-by-episode behind-the-scenes look at the making of the first two seasons of Wiseguy, the show that started binge television.

For a number of years I’ve been trying to do an updated version of the book, largely because the show remains one of my favorites ever. And the great thing is that I’ve been able to secure a variety of interviews that were not in that first edition, in particular spending many hours talking to the show’s star, Ken Wahl, about every facet of his experience. I’m excited to share much more as time goes on.

Wiseguy Illustration
Wiseguy illustration (art by Pat Carbajal)

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