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‘Krypton Talk’: New Series of Books Devoted to the World of Superman Coming Soon

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Well, I’ve obviously lost my mind! In 2023 I wrote the definitive (that’s what Mark Waid calls it!) unofficial oral history of Superman in the form of Voices from Krypton from Nacelle Books, and this year I co-wrote with Robert Greenberger November’s Superman: The Definitive History from Insight Editions. I’m hard-pressed to find a similar situation in terms of one author penning unofficial and official histories, and you’d think that that fact would be enough for a mic drop. It’s not. Hence the forthcoming series of books, Krypton Talk.

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‘Krypton Talk: Women of Tomorrow’

Krypton Talk is designed to focus in on specific aspects of the character’s 86-year history. The first volume in development is Krypton Talk: Women of Tomorrow, which is a 65th anniversary celebration of the character of Supergirl, looking at her history in comics, movies, TV, animation and through the actresses who have portrayed her. It will feature full retrospectives on Helen Slater’s 1984 Supergirl film (celebrating 40 years) and the Melissa Benoist television series, as well as an in depth exploration of Tom King’s Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, which will be the basis of the next feature film featuring the character.

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‘Krypton Talk: Mark Waid — Birthright at 20 and Beyond’

And then there’s Krypton Talk: Mark Waid, Birthright at 20 and Beyond, which features several incredibly in depth interviews with the acclaimed writer, going issue-by-issue on his seminal series Superman: Birthright, plus a similar approach to his run on Batman/Superman: World’s Finest and Kingdom Come.

Look for more information on these titles soon.

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