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Classic TV and Film Articles at FirstforWomen.com, Week of July 1st

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I’d say it was a busy week, but, these days, every week is a busy week, but, hey, the alternative is much worse. So, at firstforwomen.com, here’s a breakdown of what I wrote over the past few days.

10 Greatest Fictional Presidents on Film — Guiiding America on the Big Screen: An interview with Dale Sherman, author of Four Score and Seven Reels Ago, a comprehensive look at the president of the United States on the big screen. In this instance we’re looking at fictional versions.

The Beverly Hillbillies Cast Young — See the Stars Before They Became the Clampetts: Photo and video heavy, it’s a guide to the life and careers of Buddy Ebsen, Irene Ryan, Donna Douglas and Max Baer, Jr. prior to their joining the hit 1962 to 1971 classic TV sitcom.

What Happened to Anissa Jones, Who Played Buffy from the Series Family Affair? Her Tragic Life Revealed: There have been a lot of child actors who have had sad lives when the spotlight has faded from their lives and careers, but Anissa Jones, who overdosed at age 18, may be one of the most tragic. Learn about her journey.

Floyd the Barber — 17 Hair-Snipping Facts About Howard McNear from The Andy Griffith Show: The town of Mayberry was filled with eccentric characters, and this is a look at one of the most beloved, Floyd the Barber as played by actor Howard McNear. Everybody loved him so much that after the actor suffered a debilitating stroke, Andy Griffith asked him to come back, which McNear’s wife credited to adding a couple of years to her husband’s life.

Carolyn Jones — 17 Finger-Snapping Facts About Morticia from The Addams Family: From 1964 to 1966 the family Addams entertained audiences, and serving as matriarch was Carolyn Jones, whose career began on the movie screen and transitioned to the small. She signed on to the series never believing she would be typecast, but discovered that she was wrong. As she struggled for additional work, she was also battling cancer. There’s a lot to know about her.

Robbie Rist — 10 Little-Known Facts About Cousin Oliver from The Brady Bunch: As far as television audiences were concerned, he didn’t exactly light the airwaves on fire, but he went on to do a diversity of things in a variety of mediums that might be surprising to you.

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