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Day 3: Superman Celebration 2023, Ed Gross’ Personal Journal

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SATURDAY JUNE 10, 2023: What a day! There were autograph sessions aplenty with Tyler Hoechlin, star of Superman & Lois, and Jesse Rath and Nicole Maines of Supergirl. Tyler participated in a photo op at the Superman statue in front of the courthouse, and later in the day took to the stage for a Q&A session. On top of that, there was Flash Gordon star Sam J. Jones interacting with fans throughout the day at the Super Museum’s Hidden Gems storefront.

As usual, I missed it all.

Tyler And Tj
A very bearded Tyler Hoechlin poses with Superman cosplay TJ McDonnell (©TJ McDonnell, posted with permission)

Instead, at 10AM I took to the stage myself in the CNB Metro Tent, where Superman Supersite’s Neil Cole served as moderator and we spent about an hour talking about how the Superman oral history book Voices from Krypton came together, my general feelings about the character and then we took questions from the audience, all of which filled me with joy at their obvious love for the Man of Steel.

Afterwards, I returned to the SICIL Artist Alley/Writer’s Way, where I sat behind a table engaging with people about the book. I was also pleasantly surprised to see many of the people who had attended the Q&A session and were just so incredibly complimentary about how things went, while also anxious to obtain copies of VFK. Just a thrilling experience and a little bit mind-blowing.

Neil Cole And Ed Gross
Moderator extraordinaire Neil Cole with me!

Throughout the day I got to meet a lot of great people who engaged me in wonderful conversations. A standout moment was talking to cosplayer and volunteer TJ McDonnell about what he does and the significance of the Superman character in his life. Not so thrilling was that upon exiting I encountered someone who seemed to have come back to SICIL merely to tell me with a smile that there was a typo in the book. sigh

One more day to go, and I have to admit that I’m going to be a little bummed when it’s all over.


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